Welcome to the
Pachyderm Playhouse!

Our Mission...And Yours

The Pachyderm Playhouse was created with the desire to spread the joy and hilarity of both baby elephants and rhinos. Their curious and playful antics are sure to make you crack a smile, even on your toughest of days.

However, while these cute babies are brightening our dark days, the reason we have some of this footage is because many of them have seen their own dark times. While some of the videos presented are taken from zoos and animal parks, much of it has come from rehabilitation centers and charity organizations. Many of these babies have been orphaned or injured due to poaching. They are in fact a testament to moving forward with strength, despite the tough days past. They are victims, part of an ever shrinking species that are in need of your help.

So please, if any of these videos gave you a laugh, consider helping the babies in need. The charities involved perform amazing work and rely on donations to keep their doors open for conservation and rehabilitaion. Please take it upon yourselves to research efficient and reputable charities (you can use Charity Navigator), and if you have the means consider donating. Lastly, please research any form of exotic animal tourism before engaging in said activities. Oftentimes the health and well-being of the animal is not considered (e.g. elephant riding), so be wary, be smart, and be kind!

Save the day and help these babies grow to their full potential. They brighten our day, we can brighten theirs!

Thank you!

Now go have a laugh ;)

Baby elephant blowing bubbles