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Chapter 01 - An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my website! This url will serve as my repository for the various course assignments.

I am still relatively new to web design as a whole, and while I have taken an assortment of MOOC classes, this is only my second college proctured course in web development.

I am interested in web dev (and by extension this course) for a few reasons:

  1. I would like to go to grad school, and I am hoping that being able to showcase my personal website along with an in demand skillset will strengthen my application.
  2. While I don't do any web design in my current job, I would love to have the ability to keep my options open and to potentially use this skillset in the future!
  3. Lastly, I think it is just a fun thing to know! Having the knowledge to build and contribute to something you interact with on a daily basis is very rewarding.

So while my current development knowledge is rudimentary at best, I am hoping that this class will help me take that know-how to the next level! While I enjoy constantly learning new things, knowing myself I really need the structure and deadline based orientation of a college course to help keep me on track and force me to practice.

Here's to a great semester!

This Section is where I would place a secondary column, possibly with an aside, or perhaps an index of old posts, sort of like a mini rss feed!

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